Intodis distributes pneumatical instruments and devices for the OR. Those devices are for the use in all surgery disciplines.

This innovation is made in Germany. You will find a whole new set of possibilities while working with a retractor. Especially flexibility and a millimeter accuracy.

A new era of Woundmanagement

The TiREX® Retractor System is mainly made of 3 Components:

  1. TiREX® Retractor Frame
  2. TiREX® Automatic Fixing Device
  3. TiREX® Tablepost (mechanical) or
    TiREX® Tablepost (pneumatical)

TiREX® Retractor Frame

The TiREX® Retractor System elevates wound management to a new level. Push button technology allows precise adjustment. Large and minute adjustment are accomplished with complete ease.

The TiREX® is the most stable and reliable retractor available. Enjoy total confidence every time.

TiREX® Automatic Fixing Device

A retractor clamp with the Surgeon in mind!

The TiREX® Clamp technology provides utmost flexibility and adjustability. Simply adjust retractor blade positioning at any time without ever unlocking the clamp

TiREX® mechanical Tablepost

Easy mounting to the universal rail at the sides of the operating table

TiREX® pneumatic Tablepost

This special tablepost was developed to optimize the positioning of the TiREX® retractor frame, e.g. for shoulder surgeries.

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