ThermaVein FAQ

ThermaVein removal of facial veins - IntodisHow long does a ThermaVein treatment take?
A typical treatment should take no more than 15 minutes, immediately after this time the patient will see a significant improvement  in their condition if not a total eradication.

How many ThermaVein treatments will a typical client require?
We have found many clients can be treated in just one session, depending on the extent of their condition. It would be unusual for a client to require more than 3 sessions as the treatment is very effective.

How long before client sees results?
Results are instant, the videos used on this website are 100% genuine and you can expect the same results from ThermaVein. The treatment is very visual and you will notice the veins disappear as they are touched with the pen. This leads to a real “Wow!” response the first time the client looks in a mirror. This is a stark contrast to alternative treatments which can take 6-8 weeks and many sessions

Does the ThermaVein treatment cure the condition?
The treatment will remove visible signs of the condition and in many cases it will not recur. There are a wide range of underlying causes to the condition which may lead to new areas developing. If this happens a top up treatment will clear the condition. If there are concerns of recurrence we generally advise a review of the patient  8 weeks after the treatment if possible and a yearly review can stop any new areas developing.

Are there any known side effects?
Unlike with other treatments, such as Laser or IPL, there are no known side effects. The patient suffers no bruising, scarring or similar and there is no downtime – many people go back to work or shopping immediately after treatment. In addition there is no requirement to avoid sunlight, as with other treatments, although we do recommend sun protector as general skin care advice. Other treatments require patients to avoid the sun as the treatment burn and thin the skin making it very vulnerable to the sun. Our treatment doesn’t burn and is very accurate, most clients feel a little pinching sensation which we are informed is easily bared

How long is the recovery period?
We appreciate that other treatments require up to 8 weeks recovery, during which time your actions can be severely restricted. As ThermaVein uses a very different technique there is no downtime at all, patients walk out of the treatment and back into their lives unaffected.

Who can I not treat?
We would strongly advise against treating anybody who is aware they are pregnant. In addition we also advise to avoid treating patients who have epilepsy, due to head contact rather than the treatment. In addition anyone who has recently applied false tan.  This point doesn’t apply to sunbeds or people who have been in the sun.

Is it painful for the client?
We are unable to classify our treatment as pain-free as different individuals have varying tolerance levels. We are regularly told from patients that they hardly feel a thing to the extent that many are unsure when the treatment has started. It has been likened to a pinching sensation or having a hair plucked. This compares favourably to other treatment methods which can be very painful and also damaging to the patient.  Any sensation felt by the client during treatment will subside as soon as treatment stops. We are well aware that many alternative treatments can leave patients in substantial discomfort for prolonged periods of time

How many potential patients are there?
There are 44,900,000 adults in the UK and it is estimated around 65% have some form of the conditions we can treat. This equates to just short of 30,000,000 potential patients

Do you offer back up and customer support?
We are aware of the reputation within the industry for selling product and then leaving the client without support. At ThermaVein we have a very different view. Our view is backed by the fact that the machine is both robust and simple to use therefore there shouldn’t be a great requirement for support. However, should support be required we have a dedicated and experienced team based at our Medical Centre Headquarters ready to assist

What consumables are required?
Each treatment requires a single use needle which is 0.3mm- similar to a human hair.  The cost per needle is pennies and there are no expensive parts requiring service, refurbishment or recalibration.

Is the ThermaVein machine portable?
Yes, the machine is both robust and light weight making this ideal for clinic sharing and storing when not in use. The machine can sit on an average size beauty table and will easily fit in almost any car, including sports cars

How long does the machine take to set up?
We have designed the product to be very simple to set up and operate, only 3 colour coded wires to connect, we expect set-up to take well under 5 minutes. The settings are pre-programmed and just two buttons to get started

What will I receive with the machine?
The package you will receive consists of – foot pedal, needle pen holder, cable, Remote control, Training DVD, 200 type K3 needles and full support should you require it

Do you have clinical trials to back up your claims?
Yes, two studies have been completed on the technology which has also successfully treated thousands of people worldwide

How does the treatment work?
The treatment is an incredibly simple and accurate process. ThermaVein delivers a tiny microwave current for under 0.2 second at a time, this current travels a maximum of 1.5mm into the treatment area. By comparison this is a similar size to the head of a pin or a grain of sand. The technique causes the vein to close and then the current causes it to instantly disappear

We already use Laser/IPL/Epilators – is there a difference?
Our product differs substantially from all of the above across all areas to include results, downtime and safety. A major benefit when compared to the above is that ThermaVein cannot cause burns, scarring or bruising – all common side effects of alternative treatments

What areas can be treated?
Face, neck and hands. We would strongly advice against treating any other areas of the body as there are a range of similar looking medical conditions that may appear similar but are not treatable and attempted treatment may cause the patient issues

What training is provided?
Full training is provided. The machine is very simple to use therefore training is quick and you will be operational quickly. Our training DVD is more than capable of showing you everything you will need to know and can be retained for training new starters within your business. As always we will be on hand should you require additional support

Is there any aftercare required?
We are firm believers in looking after your skin, especially after any treatment, we would simply recommend Aloe Vera post treatment

What conditions will ThermaVein treat?
Spider veins, Thread veins,  Telangiectasia, Nose Veins, Facial redness, Blemishes, Skin Tag, spider naevi and depending on the experience of the user other conditions are possible.

Can I treat all skin complexions?
Yes, the unit is safe to use on all skin types, but if you have any concerns a discreet patch test should be carried out first

Do I need to wear protective eye wear?
No, this product is totally safe and does not require the user to wear goggles to protect the eyes. We find it unusual that some alternative treatments require the use of goggles, we understand this restricts the vision and cannot understand how the user can see what are often very tiny veins

Do I need to have gel to stop the skin burning?
This is a precision treatment and we only target the vein and not the surrounding area which means there is no burning of the skin as with other treatments

Is this product regulated by the Care Quality Commission?
No, due to the safe and simple nature of the product is it does not require you to be CQC registered as with many other machines in the market

How long is the Warranty?
All our machines come with 2 year warranty as standard

Can I extend the warranty?
Yes as long as the warranty is not allowed to expire, please email for further information

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